SAMPS: A Histogram Based Local Search Approach to

       Simultaneously Aligning Multiple Protein Sequences

Supplementary documents for the manuscript.

(1)SAMPS Online Server:

(2)The C++ Source code:

(3)Reference alignment database we use:

(4)Programs we compare:

1. T-Coffee


3. ProbCons


   1. BaliBASE 3.0 without noise:               the clean result

   2. BaliBASE 3.0 with random noise:           result corresponding to table 1 in the paper

   3. BaliBASE 3.0 with real sequence noise:    result corresponding to table 2 and 3 in the paper

   4. C-N ordered BaliBASE 3.0:                 result corresponding to table 4 in the paper

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Tianwei Jiang and Quan Geng .

Aug. 2008